Karen Prowda, Head Student Editor

Karen is honored to serve on the editorial staff as head editor of Oak Tree Journal. Karen lives in upstate New York and is a remote student at EGCC. She is majoring in Paralegal Studies. Karen is devoted to lifelong learning and understanding people. In her spare time, Karen enjoys swimming, reading, writing, art and piano.

Rommy Nelson, Assistant Student Editor

Rommy Nelson is an Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC) student, currently pursuing a degree in Education. She has previous work experience as a journalist, outreach educator and as an Instructional Assistant for children with special needs. She is a member of various writing-related groups, including EGCC’s Writing Circle, Southern California Writers Association, The Writers’ League of Texas, and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. When she is not reading or writing, she can be found gardening, hiking, or spending time with her kids and their dog, River.

Cassandra Floding, Fiction Editor


My name is Cassandra – or Cassie for short – and I’m the fiction editor for the Oak Tree Journal! My major is Health Information Management. I have experience with writing fiction stories, which I do in my spare time. I have a daughter whom is the light of my life. Besides writing and school work, I really like to draw, watch anime, and listen to music!

Cherise Grimes, Nonfiction Editor 

I am an Online student at EGCC. I am studying in Applied Business with a focus in Professional Office Management. I am also apart the EGCC writing circle. I enjoy studying history and I am enthused to be apart of the Oak Tree Literary Journal as the Nonfiction Editor. 

Cheryl Smith, Assistant Poetry Editor 

My name is Cheryl A. Smith, and I reside from Brooklyn, New York. I am the 5th child of six children. I just completed courses Online for an Associate of Arts Degree here at EGCC in December of 2022. I am also a Licensed Minister within my church. What inspires me to write, is my life in real-time, my family, ministry, and the challenges faced in the past and even in the present. Writing helps me cope with daily life, and brings joy to my heart as I share my emotions, feelings, and thoughts in written form publicly with others.

Caroline Q. Jenkins, Poetry Editor

My name is Caroline Q. Jenkins, Oak Tree Journal Poetry Editor at Eastern Gateway Community College. I live in Bronx, NY 10454. I work at Edgar Allen Poe as a Teacher making a difference in the future of children. I have been attending Eastern Gateway Community College since August 17, 2022, and completed it on 12/4/2022. I am set to graduate June 3, 2023, with a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Association of Applied Science degree.

Mindy Drew, Arts/Media Editor

Hi! My name is Mindy and I am majoring in education at EGCC. In my free time I am reading, playing videos games on the switch or hanging out with my three cats Bubbles, Rigby and Eileen. I really enjoy art and look forward to seeing your submissions!

Idunn Wolfe, Social Media Editor

A little about me: I used to work as 4a dog trainer, and transitioned to a career as a writer and videographer in 2018. I decided to pursue a degree that covered Social Media marketing as it pairs perfectly with the type of content creation I specialize in. In my free time, I enjoy sketching, writing fiction, and playing video games. I have a cat named Samhain, who is my constant companion. 



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