Holly Hodnicky

A New Day, A New Beginning

Each day when the sun lightens
the darkness of the world it is a new

A beginning where yesterday is gone
and can’t be changed, and tomorrow hasn’t
arrived yet.

A chance to be in the moment,
a chance to start a new way of
life. A chance to snuff out the

Feeling and appreciating all that
you have already in this crazy
beautiful life.

Closing the door on the dark past—
but never forgetting how far you’ve
come. Never forgetting there was a
reason for it all.

Each day is a chance to start fresh.
Embrace the light and who you are
in this moment.

Love all the little blessings—the
beautiful things that most don’t see.
Breathe in the freshness of a new day.


Just as the seasons change in nature, we have
seasons in our lives. With the good comes the bad.
With the darkness comes the light. It’s a cycle that
comes and goes, it’s a circle that continues.

Some are full of warmth and sunshine. Everything
is green and full of life. Happy long summer days full
of laughter and fun that never seem to end.

At times we are changing and shedding just 
as the trees in the fall. As we change and evolve,
we see new colors in life. Bright beautiful colors!
Purging and making room for the new.

Some are dark, gray, and cold like the endless days 
of winter. Everything seems dead and gone. Never
to show life again. These days are the longest and 
seem to go on forever.

And then there is spring. New life! Things are
growing and coming back. Like little buds of hope.
The sun warms the earth and brings life back.
Every day something new emerges. 

When things look like they can’t come back, always
remember those dark gray days. Look back and remember 
how slowly with time things changed. Those days became
bright with warmth and new beginnings. 
The seasons they change. They never stay
the same. The light will always shine on the
darkness and bring the dead back to life. 

Holly Hodnicky: My name is Holly, and my major is Accounting. I am an online student as I travel with my husband for his profession, although our home base is in Ohio. I am a SAHM to a very old soul who is about to turn 4. We love anything that is done outdoors and has to do with nature. Fishing, hiking, bike riding, geocaching, camping, you name it we love it! I someday hope to own land to have a little farm and live with nature and provide for my family the slow way as not too long ago it was done.

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