Whitney Aumack


Misled, mismanaged
Irrevocably damaged
Court calls it “Irreconcilable differences”

Once she happened
quickly it dampened
How we finished each other’s sentences

Feeling dread, start to panic
Depressed to manic
A thousand layers to unpeel

If I got to the center
My conscience would splinter
Lay bare raw truth to reveal

I tried my best, sir
To only wind up a jester
Like a fool in this stupid charade

Get me out of this mess
I wish you the best
I know when I have been played

Circle the Drain, part 1

Cold, hard facts
Like claws my feelings retract
A demon was born
A habit was formed
Insane, I circle the drain

I said yes, never no
Now six feet below
A grave of my own making
Never enough
Ever so rough
The shake, shake, shaking

A drink to cheer
A shot to cry
One more beer
Just to feel alive
Round I go, I circle the drain

Whiskey breath
Slow death
Cannot feel a thing. What pain?
The fun is over
Like a cold shoulder
Hot tears circle the drain

Whitney Aumack: My name is Whitney Aumack. I live in Port Orchard, Washington, with my husband and my dog, Odin. I am a full-time student at EGCC in the Paralegal program online where I am building the foundation and skills necessary to set myself up to attend law school one day. I currently work full-time as an in-home care aide for the elderly/disabled. In my spare time from work and studies I write and self-publish poetry, manage a blog, and connect with other poets/indie authors to encourage literature and the arts in people’s everyday lives. 

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