Nicole Mercer


Beautiful words tend to come from sad feelings, it always starts in pain but ends in new healings, a person comes in starts opening drawers to steal things.

It starts off with your mind, then here comes the words that make your clothes fall off until he can find the time to take your heart by playing oh so kind.

The hero even he tricks you, turns you from a beautiful rainbow to a sad blue, but that didn’t change your heart or view, but she learned so much about herself if only you knew.

If only you stayed to see her, it seems like that year went by in a blur, I will just sit back and observe, as you lie so bad and stumble over your words.

A woman does not need a man a true woman DOES NOT NEED A MAN, she takes care of all her needs in life because she can, as a woman, she can walk alone for what she deserves she does not need a clan, she does not need a fan club or anyone to support her she has a plan.

Alone or with someone she deserves a happy ending, she’s the only one standing here defending, her life, her love, her peace, her worth, putting her pieces back together mending, places on herself and her soul she never touched sitting here defending her wounds, always tending.

Just a girl always fixing broken things. finally taking a turn to fix her broken.  

Nicole Mercer: I’m Nicole Mercer, I grew up in a small town in Ohio. I am currently going to EGCC, enrolled in the teacher education program. As a mom with two boys, I don’t have much time for hobbies, but I do enjoy my time with them and read any free chance I have. I started writing poetry when I was in about eighth grade, this was a good way I expressed my feelings in current situations or even life itself. 

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