Elizabeth Dilling

The Sky in Pain

The sky is an exquisite painting,
When the moon is waning
And the sunset is reigning.
This you cannot forget,
If she is the queen,
I am the coronet.
The sky is my Juliet.

Wind is a delicate kiss,
Which leaves me in bliss
As it whistles across my skin,
To describe it, I cannot even begin.
On strong wings, a crow flies,
Unbound among the skies.
He fell in love with the air on the sunrise.

Rain is Mother Nature weeping.
Drip, drip, drop, her tears won’t stop.
They’re falling and keeping,
Into the Earth, they are seeping.
Because you cannot have mirth without some hurt,
Mother’s laments nourish the desert.
Life cannot exist without some torment.

In pain, we grow.
In rain, so does the meadow.
Now you know
That rain is like emotional pain,
Don’t take this knowledge in vain,
Remember that we all need the rain,
And sometimes there is beauty in pain.

Freedom (for Grandma)

Freedom comes,
On the back of a bird's wings 
Perched on a flower,
A hummingbird sings,
His quiet little song,
This is where you belong.

Freedom comes,
On the waves of the ocean,
Coming to and fro’
Life captured in motion,
The sun scattered across the sand
Reunited with the land.

Freedom comes,
On a sunlight day,
While an orchid blooms,
Always doing things your own way,
Working by the moon,
Yet gone too soon.

Freedom comes,
With the magic you created,
A most precious bond for just us,
All the creativity you initiated,
And us witches win,
Yet without you, I don’t even know where to begin.

Freedom comes,
To take my most precious friend,
No matter how ready you were,
My sadness does not end,
Goodbye, my beloved friend now at peace,
Freedom has come and your pain has ceased.

Elizabeth Dilling is an Associate of Arts major online at Eastern Gateway Community College. They write poetry and short stories, and nature and fantasy inspire their works. Elizabeth is an avid reader, and
some of their favorite authors include Edgar Allan Poe, Melissa Albert, and George R.R. Martin. They were close with their late grandmother and shared similar interests with her in art, animals, writing, and

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