Rebecca Marks


I have lived in West Virginia most of my life, found some happiness and cried a creek full of tears. Our folklore will tell you the mountains are steps to heaven, bringing you closer to God. The grass is so green, and the wildflowers are plentiful. Seeing the beauty is unforgettable, a photo taken does not compare. The coal miners are almost extinct, just like the nectar of mountain moonshine. Still have the poor in the cities as well as at the head of a holler. You can take me home again as long as we travel the back country roads.


I felt that an Angel followed me home today. She took my hand so gingerly as we walked a magnificent path of roses, so many colors and a sweet delicate scent. She showed me the other Angels that were around us all with glorious gold wings and adorned crown of innocent flowers. We walked the paths where others had gone to take their journey home or to find true love. When my home came in sight, she squeezed my hand and said, “know I am always with you just like the morning dew kisses the roses.”

Rebecca Marks: I am Rebecca Marks, and I’m from Huntington, WV. I attend EGCC online and my major is Associate of Arts. I plan to work towards a bachelor’s degree in literature. These are my first poems ever published. “Angel” is dedicated to my son Kyle, who gained his angel wings and
“Hillbilly” describes my beautiful state. I do a lot of Counted Cross Stitching and took up a new hobby of jewelry making, and I plan to continue writing poetry and look forward to being published again. I truly hope you enjoy my work and Bless ya’ll!

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