Tayleigh Stanley

The Same

The footprints in the earth are the same,
The heart of the different flame still beats,
The waves whispers we will meet,
And the winds carry us together.
A dance in the sand tells me what I know,
I have known you long before, the movements of this life,
Before the food shared,
And coffee drank.
The earth reminds me of our meetings,
Of our family love.
For I have walked with you in this earth,
And the earth before.
Have you ever seen something so beautiful but you can’t touch it,
The mind of a woman who lives in between hardcovers,
the beauty of twists and turns and movements to darkness,
The castings of light,
And the sounds of colors moving in the air.
Her mind is tangled and dark on the edges,
She blissfully dances in her memories at the core,
And that is where her beauty lies.
She won’t let you into that part.
That part is just for her.

Tayleigh Smith: I am a Business Management with a focus in development and programming student. I am also in Phi Theta Kappa. I love to play DnD and make things out of clay. I hope to publish a book this year! I have a cat that is my world (she is a Tortie), and I hope to be a Cloud Engineer after I graduate.

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