Jenna Stonestreet


Once we took a bike ride in the dark of night time heading to the corner store.
The whole way I followed you until you began to disappear.
Unable to keep up.
How fast could you be going?
Then you were gone.
I stopped to look for you, wondering, north, south, east, or west?
Deciding to keep on the path to the corner store.
Wind bustled through.
The thought rushes to me, never were you there.
My mind floods with thoughts.
Where might I end up?
Alone, in pain, anxiety rushing through my veins.
Just then headlights flash.
A painless car crash.
Next thing I knew, I wake up next to you.
Telling me I’m alright,
I’m exactly where l’m supposed to be.

Rain Drop

The rain never bothered me.
It sort of brings peace & serenity.
I sat down one day & I began to think;
Wouldn’t it be lovely to be a rain drop?
It’s lifetime is simply falling, creating something beautiful in nature; only to be lifted up again.
Helping to create the world, make it shine bright & new with full blooms
is something every rain drop should do.
Every drop provides life with what it needs.
Not one drop does more than the next.
Each knows just how important it is to wherever it lands.
Not a single one is left unheard & not found.
So, I sat down one day and I began to think;
I’m only just one raindrop who needs to see just how beautiful it’s life can be.

Jenna Stonestreet: I am a mom to a wonderful baby boy, and a wife to an amazing man. Currently, I study at Eastern Gateway Community College majoring in IT, fully online. In my spare time, I enjoy photography and writing poetry. Photography lets out my creative side, while writing poetry lets me put my thoughts in order. Writing has been a part of my life for a long time. Poetry was always a hobby, and a way to allow my emotions to process. I enjoy poetry writing most because it does not always have to make complete sense.

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